The importance of a good PDC in marketing strategy

What is a CDP?

A CDP (Costumer Data Platform) is a platform with usually customised software, on which your customers’ data and your own, from different sources is collected and unified. It is arranged in a coherent and comprehensive way to make it easily accessible to different teams within a company.

Advantages of a CDP:

– Favouring analysis and decision-making. Having all the data on a single platform, in a homogeneous and interrelated way, optimises work time. This data can originate from different sources: RRSS, subscriptions, invoicing, customer registrations, etc.

– Ensure the privacy of communication flows between the company and the customer, guaranteeing the management of consent and compliance with the GDPR.

– Favours the management of customer data. CDPs create audience segments that can be used on other marketing platforms and channels. In this way, we can establish personalised communication and service to our customers.

– PDCs create a single, unified database of customer profiles, each one clearly identified. This provides a unique view of each customer and a reliable source of data for various marketing functions.

– CDP enables us to improve the customer experience (CX) by giving us a global and always up-to-date view of the customer. This allows us to offer a unique experience, linking all departments in the company and providing true and reliable data.

– Finally, having a centralised platform of integrated and reliable customer data allows you to make better, data-driven decisions.

Unifying customer data from different marketing and advertising systems is the only way to optimise our customer relationship and leverage this data effectively.