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The world of information technology is complex and dynamic, and in an ever-changing environment, it is essential to have a professional technical team that guarantees the proper functioning of  company’s systems and communications. In this sense, IMHO Inmove IT Solutions presents itself as a comprehensive solution that offers a wide range of services to support all types of companies and organizations in the field of information and communication technologies. From system audits to project design and implementation, including hardware management, storage, micro-computing, and open-source solutions, IMHO Inmove IT Solutions provides customized solutions that adapt to the needs of each customer, ensuring the maximum integrity and security of data and always-on system availability.

System Audits

Project design and implementation

  • A professional technical team behind IT guarantees  systems and communications are running ok.
  • A rigorous control ensures the continuity and availability of the business.
  • We have technicians certified by major Hardware and Software manufacturers (HP, CISCO, Microsoft, GNU/Linux, VMware…) for the execution of your project.


IMHO Inmove IT Solutions specializes in offering machinery solutions from major manufacturers (HP, Lenovo, Huawei, Cisco, Dell, Samsung…)


Integrity, security, and  data availability.

IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, uses the latest technological advances: SAN, NAS, Tape Libraries, RAID Systems, D2D/Disk to disk… with one goal: ensure the maximum integrity and security of your data, which will be available from anywhere and at any time.


Workstations, printers, and other devices.

IMHO Inmove IT Solutions has a department specially dedicated to dealing with this type of task, both preventive and corrective, so that your equipment and related devices always work perfectly.

  • Installation and maintenance of work equipment for optimal operation.
  • Thanks to the speed and guarantee of our technicians and our remote management tools, your work equipment will always be available.

Open Source Solutions

Servers and services with free software that allow significant license cost savings. At IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, we have trained and certified personnel with experience in solutions such as IP PBX, File Servers, Mail Servers, Firewalls, WEB Servers, Proxy…

Data Protection Systems

In the event of any incident.

Ensuring the integrity of your data is a challenge for IMHO, for which we develop contingency plans to assess the most appropriate solution in each case.

  • Replicating and even externalizing the most critical data ensures that they are always available and secure.

Antivirus/ Antispam

Elimination of external threats.
Avoid compromising situations by keeping your systems always protected.
IMHO works with the best antivirus / EDR / XDR for your total peace of mind. In addition, as an Oficial Sophos Partner we can ensure comprehensive knowledgement of this tool and the necessary enterprises protection it offers.

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