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VoIP Communications

IMHO inmove IT Solutions is a company specialized in technological solutions that can help you with the implementation of your IP phone system both locally and in the cloud.

IP telephony with Asterisk

Asterisk is an open source software that offers a complete platform for the implementation of VoIP solutions. With Asterisk, it is possible to design customized communication solutions at a significantly lower cost than proprietary solutions.

One of Asterisk  main advantages is its flexibility, as it allows integration with other applications and customization of the solution according to the specific needs of each company.

In addition, Asterisk allows greater control over the communication system, which means that users can adjust and modify the configuration according to their needs.

Another great advantage of Asterisk is its scalability, as it is capable of handling a large number of users and simultaneous calls, making it ideal for growing companies.

The Asterisk platform also offers a variety of advanced features, such as integration with messaging systems, voicemail, and video conferencing or CRM’s and ERP’s.

We design tailor-made solutions with Asterisk – GNU/Linux, both in physical and virtual environments.

  • Costs can be reduced by up to 60% by leveraging existing network infrastructure.
  • Unify your communications with our multi-site solutions.

Cloud and “on prem” phone systems

If you want to host your IP phone system locally, the team of experts at IMHO inmove IT Solutions can help you select the appropriate hardware and software for your company, configure the phone system, and provide the necessary support to ensure that everything works properly. In addition, our team can offer you monitoring and remote management tools to ensure the availability of the phone system and quickly resolve any problems.

  • Greater control of the VoIP infrastructure without dependence on third parties.
  • Lower latency, especially in internal communications.
  • Greater privacy and security in communications.

If you prefer to host your IP phone system in the cloud, IMHO inmove IT Solutions can help you select the right solution based on the needs of your company. Our cloud-based phone system solution offers advanced features such as application integration, IVR, call recording, and support for mobile devices. In addition, the cloud-based phone system can be integrated with other cloud solutions such as CRM or ERP, making your company’s communication management even more efficient.

  • Lower initial acquisition cost.
  • Greater simplicity in administration and configuration.
  • Greater flexibility in both growth and downsizing.

IP Phone Systems Support and Maintenance

IMHO inmove IT Solutions also offers maintenance and support services for your IP phone system, whether it is hosted in the cloud or locally. Our team of experts can resolve any technical problems remotely or on site, ensuring the availability of your IP phone system at all times.

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