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Currently, data processing centers (DPCs) are essential for the proper functioning of companies. They are the technological basis of information systems and, therefore, it is vital to ensure their correct construction and design. At IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, we are specialists in the design and construction of DPCs, providing comprehensive solutions that adapt to your needs. We offer structured cabling services, rack cabinets, air conditioning, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), presence control systems, video surveillance systems, and fire extinguishing systems. All with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum performance of your computer equipment and providing you with total autonomy in the management of your DPC.

Design and construction of DPCs

Solutions for data processing centers

Solutions such as structured network and electrical cabling, rack cabinets, air conditioning, UPS, presence control systems, video surveillance, or fire extinguishing systems.

  • Design adapted to your real needs.
  • “Turnkey” global solution that provides you with total autonomy.

Structured cabling

Design and installation of wired networks

At IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, we design and implement cabling optimally. We work with best materials to ensure maximum reliability and durability (Brand Rex, Patch See, Unex, or Ersys).

  • Design and installation over different technologies (Ethernet, fiber optic, coaxial…).

UPS. Uninterruptible power supply systems

  • Minimizes the effects of power outages on equipment.
  • Always ON. UPS can make the difference between a normal workday or a lost day.

Air conditioning

Adaptation of spaces with computer equipment

IMHO Inmove IT Solutions takes care of adapting each of these specific spaces to guarantee the necessary temperature and humidity conditions that your systems require.

  • Temperature and humidity determine the thermal load of the room, hall, or space.
  • Good air conditioning is key to the proper functioning of large-scale equipment.

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