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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is the technology that offers services through the internet. Allows the company to move its equipment, servers, software, phones, etc. to the cloud.

Why should I hire your InmoCloud Computing Service?

Cloud computing allows the outsourcing of ICT Services, which translates into cost savings. Without the costs involved in the purchase of equipment, the company optimizes its resources by paying only for what it consumes. It also allows a better use of energy, making it a more sustainable system.

What are the advantages of Cloud Computing?

Better accessibility and flexibility in growth (or degrowth); Optimization of hardware resources; Security and availability in the systems; Cloud data storage safe and unlimited; Available at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection; Allows savings in fixed costs; Makes the company more competitive, as you don’t have to worry about technical issues; Automatic updates; Diversity of servers; Improved productivity.

Is Cloud Computing secure?

Companies dedicated to cloud computing invest a lot of resources to have the latest technologies in terms of security. Minimizing risks is one of IMHO Inmove IT Solutions’ main premises. When comparing the resources that SMEs can dedicate to this area to the ones that we have in the cloud, it is easy to see that security in the cloud will always be greater than on premise.

Will I lose control of my data?

Absolutely not. The data is the client’s property. IMHO will only securely host it. In case of contract cancellation, IMHO will deliver the data back to you on a magnetic support, so that you can move it wherever you wish.

What is the cost of Cloud Computing?

The cost of Cloud Computing is comparable to IT costs in the case of having it internalized. Even so, the benefits of having the infrastructure in the cloud in terms of flexibility, performance, finances and, above all, security, are much higher.

What is VoIP?

The VoIP is a technology based on the replacement of traditional phones by a voice system that runs over the Internet. One of the main advantages is the reduction of costs in the telephone bill, as well as the flexibility of solutions and integrations with CRMs, ERPs, and other applications.

How can IMHO IT Solutions help us in our digitalization process?

The consultancy service stands out among the many services offered by IMHO. Will evaluate your needs and adapt to your reality, offering you the right set of solutions in terms of technology and cost. Once the plan has been designed, our experts in systems, communications and security will ensure its successful implementation.

How is the service offered by IMHO Inmove IT Solutions?

At IMHO Inmove IT Solutions we take each client’s concerns very seriously and adapt to their needs with a range of customized service solutions. We can offer services ranging from pay-as-you-go hour packs, through 13×5 remote system management and monitoring contracts to 24x7x365 contracts with 4h response time for the most demanding clients.

In addition to services, what else does IMHO Inmove IT Solutions offer?

IMHO Inmove IT Solutions specializes in the most important hardware and software manufacturers to provide general consultancy and full solutions in this area to our clients. From small PCs to complete DPC solutions, such as communications, storage and/or virtualization.

Cybersecurity: Can you help us prevent computer attacks?

Employee training is essential to prevent risks, as most cyber-attacks are through downloads, fraudulent links, or unsecured passwords. However, implementing a good antivirus system, constantly updated, will help curbing the threats that put your company and its reputation at risk. We will help you with both.


“In a complex retail environment, with several partners and several platforms, IMHO made the migration to its Cloud quick and easy with great professionalism and at a time when professionals are in short supply.”

Implementation of a VDI (public cloud) infrastructure.Pere Margalef - CIO

“Agility, professionalism, predisposition and proactivity when offering solutions tailored to our needs”

Maintenance of the company's server infrastructure.Victòria Monell, Chairman

"In a sector like ours, which does not rest, IMHO Inmove IT Solutions gives us security and confidence. A reliable partner who advises us on our projects and with whom we have already come a long way.”

Implementation and 24x7 maintenance of a virtualization infrastructure in a hyper-convergence environment and of the DRS and backup system.Mª Carmen Cid Vera - IT Director

"We have reduced costs significantly with the proposed integration of IP telephony. Our confidence in their solutions and network protection allows us to better manage our time to focus on the company's own activity."

Installation of the VoIP systemEnric Martínez - IT Manager

"IMHO Inmove IT Solutions is one of our strategic partners. They have been managing the administration of the infrastructure of servers, communications and networks for more than 15 years, with the highest level of commitment, professionalism and rigor."

Maintenance of the entire systems and communications infrastructure of the shopping center and stores on a 24x7 basis.Rubén Garrido - IT Director

"The hardware maintenance of critical systems requires a high level of professionalism and diligence. After 4 years of collaboration with IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, we can confirm that they meet these requirements with solvency. The level of trust with our technological partner is 100%. "

Hardware maintenance support for the Catalonia and Aragon areaEnrique Gullón – CEO

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