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Cloud Computing  is a technology that has revolutionized the way companies manage their computer systems. IMHO Inmove IT Solutions offers a wide variety of Cloud Computing services and solutions to help businesses improving the efficiency and productivity of their computer systems.

Among the services we offer there are the management public cloud infrastructure , private on-premise solutions, and hybrid solutions that combine the best of both worlds. We also offer data servers, VoIP phone systems, virtual desktops (VDI), shared storage, email, and other Cloud Computing solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs of each business.

Our Cloud Computing services improve the performance and availability of a company’s physical resources, as well as make growth more flexible and reduce costs. Centralization of maintenance and reduction of infrastructure are also important benefits of Cloud Computing services.

In addition, our Cloud Computing services allow companies to access their computer systems from anywhere and any device, with just a click. Full integration of the office, including phones, without traffic problems or disconnections, is also an important benefit for the productivity of companies.

-Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Within the Cloud Computing services that  IMHO Inmove IT Solutions offers, we also have the option of VPS or Virtual Private Server. A VPS is a technology that allows companies to implement a virtualized server in the cloud, with dedicated resources and increase flexibility in its configuration.

The VPS is also an excellent option for those companies that need more control over their server environment and require more security and privacy. The private virtual server provides an isolated and secure environment for companies, which minimizes security risks and protects critical company data.

At IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, we offer VPS with different operating systems and resource capabilities, which allows companies to choose the solution that best suits their specific needs.

-Virtual Desktops (VDI)

IMHO Inmove IT Solutions offers VDI as one of  Cloud Computing services, which allows companies to offer their employees a more efficient and secure virtual desktop experience. With desktop virtualization, companies can reduce hardware and software costs, as users can access their applications and data from any device connected to the Internet.

Our VDI services also include virtual desktop management and monitoring, which allows companies to focus on their core business without worrying about the underlying IT infrastructure. In addition, our VDI solution is designed with advanced security measures to ensure the protection of business data and reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

-Cloud IP PBX

By integrating a VoIP PBX in the cloud, companies can enjoy all features offered by traditional telephony, but with greater flexibility and cost savings. By using the Internet network, costly maintenance expenses for telephone lines are eliminated, and the cost of phone calls is significantly reduced.

IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, offers a wide variety of cloud-based IP PBX solutions that can be adapted to the specific needs of each company. In addition, we offer configuration, maintenance, and technical support services to ensure that companies can take full advantage of the benefits of this technology and achieve the best results.

We offer continuous and free updates in our Cloud Computing services, ensuring that companies always have access to the latest technologies and solutions. Our Cloud Computing services also feature hyperconverged solutions for all types of businesses, ensuring that each company obtains the solutions they need.

For IMHO Inmove IT Solutions, security is a top priority in our Cloud Computing services. We offer full-time security services and support to ensure that companies are always protected against possible cyber threats and attacks.


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